The California Grocers Association, Global Market Development Center (GMDC) and Center for Advancing Retail Technology (CART) have partnered to bring an innovative, new experience to the 2019 CGA Strategic Conference. 

Embedded within this year’s conference, the Retail Tomorrow Experience is an immersive and interactive pavilion showcasing the emerging technologies that will reshape the future of grocery shopping. From augmented and virtual reality to digital shelf, you will meet the entrepreneurs and experiment with the technologies that will influence the store of the future. 

CGA will schedule private tours of the Retail Tomorrow Experience for participating retailers and brands as part of the overall conference meeting scheduling process. Through these hands-on tours you will begin visualizing how vendor/retailer partnerships, store merchandising and operations will evolve using these emergent technologies. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the retail of tomorrow, today.

Are you a technology provider? Learn more about participating in the Retail Tomorrow Experience.

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