Diana Medina

Director of E-Commerce Product, Inmar

Diana Medina joined Inmar in September 2017 as the director of e-commerce solutions. She leads the development of innovative e-commerce solutions to help Inmar’s retail partners compete and stay ahead in the digital retail environment. Prior to joining Inmar, Diana was director of e-commerce merchandising at Lowes Foods, Inc. She held various marketing and e-commerce positions with the regional grocery retailer, solidifying experience in digital marketing, customer loyalty, shopper marketing and media. During her time at Lowes, she was a key player in a rebranding initiative that generated double-digit growth for the chain, and she helped design and implement a new e-commerce strategy that generated over 35 percent e-commerce growth. Diana also has extensive experience in running successful targeted marketing in both digital and traditional media.

Monday, September 30, 2019

7-8:30 a.m.


From Service Providers to Innovation Partners 

As the complexity of the shopper journey increases and the race for omni-commerce success accelerates, retailers are being forced to expand their investments in third-party solutions along the supply chain. With this influx of new relationship to manage, retailers are facing new questions about their service providers – How many of these relationships are strategic to my business? What level of access and collaboration should I have with these vendors? What is the return on my investment in these solutions? Who is going to do all the work to leverage this new tool or service?

As a group, we will explore examples of third-party services and tools that retailers are leveraging for everyday business operations, as well as for more innovative, long-term initiatives. We will look at best practices in the collaboration with external parties, and the best way to extract the maximum value from these partnerships. We will close with a review of some practical ways to evaluate effectiveness and business impact of vendor offerings.

This discussion will serve as a reflection on our existing vendor relationships, and as a practical guide to take those engagements from a purely operational service engagement to a true innovation partnership with a more significant impact in the long-term success of your business.